Designed to meet the needs of gold trade users, the range includes models intended for everyday use by goldsmiths, jewelry manufacturers and retailers, high-precision models for assay offices and hallmarking, and a high-capacity line for weighing larger quantities in metal refining and inventory taking. 

Performance with value: Manual one-keypress adjustment, with built-in internal weight. Legible, backlit display. RS232 interface for connecting an auxiliary display, printer or PC.

Specifications - JS503G
Material Number(s) 30007082
Limit values
Maximum capacity 520 g 
Readability 0.001 g 
Repeatability (at nominal load)  0.001 g 
Linearity deviation 0.002 g 
Sensitivity temperature drift  3 ppm/°C

Typical values
Repeatability (at nominal load)  0.0007 g
Minimum sample weight (acc. to USP) 2 g 
Minimum sample weight (U=1 %, k=2) 0.14 g 
Minimum sample weight OIML 0.02  g 
Settling time 1.5 s
Internal adjustment  yes 
Weighing technology  MonoBloc
1 (COM1)
Balance dimensions (W x D x H) 193x290x266 mm
Weighing pan dimensions ø 120 mm
Usable height of draft shield 165 mm
Weight of balance  3.7 kg

Weights for routin testing
Large Weight/Class OIML/ASTM 500 g / F2/4
Small Weight/Class OIML/ASTM 20 g F1/3
Features and Benefits

Internal Adjustment & MonoBloc 

  • MonoBloc weighing technology guarantees long operation life and extreme ruggedness
  • Internal adjustment provides a comfortable way of adjusting the balance with just one keystroke

Standard Operational Features
  • Legible bright backlit display
  • 8 standard applications built-in
  • 1x RS232 interface

Designed to Last
  • High-quality housing
  • Overload protection and protective cover provide resistance to rough treatment
  • Ridge-free design, for quick cleaning and retrieval of inadvertently scattered items

Space Saving
  • Footprint not much larger than the weighing pan
  • Battery operation for a quick set up to operate anywhere